Thursday, 24 November 2011

Market Madness

Don't you just love markets? The little bits of lovely and the vintage treasures are an absolute treat! Saturday's at the Biscuit Mill are mornings well spent and the food market there keeps me going back each time for more. Especially for the gorgeous cupcakes and delicious smoothies! My beautiful friend Matanna introduced me to markets and I've been hooked ever since! But when she took me to The Kamers Vol Geskenke Market, I fell in love instantly! Just look at these stunning images of all my fabulous buys and you'll see exactly why!  
The market happens once a year in South Africa around the end of October. The entrance fee is minimal and the hundreds of little stalls give your eyes something to feast upon. It's always a good idea to save up for an excursion like this because there are thousands of pretty things you cant help but want!
This gorgeous vintage paper had me staring for hours! There were so many pages, each with a different imprint, but the pink rose and vintage lady grabbed my attention. I absolutely adore the Alice in Wonderland page and I'm so happy I found it! The paper is so beautiful that I can't bear the thought of using it! So, I think I'm going to frame it, because it will add the perfect sprinkle of vintage chic to my bedroom!
Vintage straws with hearts! Need I say more? Not only do they come in the old school stripes, but stars, hearts and colorful spots too. They're absolutely perfect for the party you planning and the hearts are a cute touch for a valentines day inspired occasion. Next to a gorgeous bunch of peonies, a card vintage card like these two are the next best thing. Fairies are one of my favourite things next to butterflies and angels, so these cards couldn't have been more wonderful.
Thanks to Matanna's ability to hunt for little treasures in record time, I walked away with a collection of old cards. The method is really simple, they took pages out of an old book and tied them together to form a card, then taking photocopied images of fairies and a variety of fairytales, they pasted an image onto the front and added a blank page in the center and voila! An array of beautiful cards!
This fairy is the most exquisite ornament I have seen in a very long time! The detail is gorgeous and the overall look just warms my heart. I love that she's reading a book, it adds a bit of character and the flowers in her hair make her all the more magical.  There are many more photos to come, so join me again soon for a few more bits of happiness, including my 'Once upon a fairytale' magnet board, Huge cupcake magnet, Vintage Wizard of Oz paper and plenty more!

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