Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lipstick and Lace

"If I'm honest, I have to tell you that I still read fairytales and I like them best of all" 
~ Audrey Hepburn~

 Another day filled with all things inspiring. This gorgeous wedding spread was featured in Russian Vogue! I had to share it with you –– C'est magnifique! 

Being Lebanese, weddings are always very festive occasions filled with all things traditional ––family, friends, food, love and happiness–– and I absolutely adore them! From the beautiful dresses to the gorgeous decor and the fairytale ending! 

I'm in love with this exquisite pearl top!

Sometimes right in the middle of an ordinary life, love hands us a fairytale!

I can't wait to plan a wedding, I actually wanted to be a wedding planner when I was little, I just love the all the detail–– making the invitations, deciding the colours, flower arrangements and dress fittings! It's all so magical and exciting!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!

I hope that today is a fairytale

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