Friday, 2 September 2011

Spring Time Beauty

The countdown is over and Spring Time is here! I couldn't be more excited! So, back in Cape Town, it's not what I imagined the second day of Spring to be.. It's cold and there is rain, but who knows, maybe the sun will come out (later or)  tomorrow...In the mean time, I'm just happy I saw a butterfly

This is going to be an exciting month, it's my birthday and I just love birthdays. I often try and drag them out over a few days instead of just one, I like to think of it as a birthday week instead of just a one day event, its much more fun that way and you get an entire week of feeling extra special!

Can't wait for all the colorful flowers to bloom again...

This is so true!

 I can't wait to sit outside and feel the warm sun on my face

Fresh Spring Scents...
Most of all, I can't wait to wear pretty dresses and cute pumps again, I absolutely love how a dress flows as you twirl around in circles, it makes me feel feminine and pretty! The Red, By Valentino's Spring Collection is just beautiful...The Carnival Outing inspired shoot takes on the season's inspiration of 'feminine frills and womanly accents.' A magical campaign which would be a fantasy for any fashion-loving girl

 This is just the perfect combination of chic and elegance

 I adore the off-the-shoulder bow 

 Ruffles and Chiffon are always a good idea
Fashion Gone Rogue
Valentino is one of my favorite designers, the clothes are always beautifully detailed without being over bearing. They are perfect for the classical woman who loves to be elegant, while adding a touch of fashion to create an overall look that is Fashionably Chic .

 Here is to a great month filled with springtime beauty...

Have a Gorgeous Day...


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