Tuesday, 6 September 2011

No. 38 Long Street

Remember Drive-In Movies? They were always so much fun, being in the open air with family, friends or that special loved one, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate... some of the most perfect times I can remember! There have been many times when I would sit and reminisce about those times and wonder to myself why they ever stopped such a loved tradition and then, my special friend Heike introduced me to The Grand Daddy Hotel Rooftop Cinema...

Situated at 38 Long Street, Cape Town, My surprise birthday present has turned into my favorite new hang out! What an amazing experience, it was like the drive-in all over again but better. You even get to take a ride in the gorgeous old, vintage elevator right to the rooftop, where a welcoming bar awaits you. As you walk around, you have a view of Long Street that makes you feel like you are on the set of a New York movie.

 How gorgeous? This is the actual view from the rooftop!
There is a big screen set up and a mixture of chairs and couches to get comfy in before the film starts. Every Monday night is a different film, last night just happened to be one of my all time favorite classics, Romeo and Juliet.

Before the movie, you are given blankets, hot chocolate, a bag of popcorn and a packet of old school candy, just to make the experience even more fun and they keep coming round for any second takers!

 This put a smile on my face

The Grand Daddy, is a unique and wonderful experience, the whole twist is that the rooftop is turned into a glorified caravan park... but not the one you would imagine. Each 'caravan' is set to a theme, which is written on the postbox outside. There was Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Pink Love and Lace and even a Rock Star one. They are surrounded by a quaint garden, sky bar and open air cinema. It is definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had. Thanks to my amazing friend, for an incredible birthday present :)

Have a Beautiful Day

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Anonymous said...

Wow tates! Your blog is wonderful. It shows all the happy things in life. From spring to drive in movies! I love the picture of romeo and juliet <3... Keep writing my cuzzie, so proud