Monday, 19 September 2011

Magic. Candles. Sparkles

September has always been an incredibly special month, not only does it mark the start of Spring but it also marks the days of some very special birthdays! My cousin, Justine and I celebrate our birthdays only one day apart and just four days later, my brother Matt, celebrates his. So, you can just imagine the beautiful, fun and happy week and weekend that we had 

Imagine a week filled with balloons, friends, family and lots and lots of smiles. This year, my birthday was just gorgeous... Celebrating my first GLAMOUR birthday with the GLAMOUR team and some delicious cupcakes added little touch of magic to an ordinary working day. My precious friends, Lindsay, Matanna, Aviv and Niamh as well as my two beautiful Aunties, Karen and Nicola came to have lunch with me in my lunch break adding an extra hour of smiles, laughs and tons of fun. 

To top it all off  my three gorgeous cousins flew from Joburg to give me the best birthday surprise of my life. I had just got home from work and went to put my handbag down in my bedroom. I walked in to find Roxy lying on my bed, Pasci in the bathroom and Candy in my cupboard. Am I not the luckiest girl in the whole world? 

Making a birthday wonderful isn't at all that hard! All you need are the ingredients for love:

9 cups of smiles
3 cups of laughter
500g of caring
375ml of unsalted romance
One handful of hugs 
2tsp of sweet kisses 
TIP: A sprinkle of magic to make it that extra bit more lovely...
There you have it the recipe for a very Happy Birthday- simple as pie. 

Come to think of it, if it's that simple to make a birthday so special, why not treat everyday like its someone's birthday and fill their day with hopes and dreams, wishes and sunshine, rainbows and love, stars, happiness and magic. 

Images: Pinterest and We Heart It

 Happy Monday... Blow out your candles and make a Wish 

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