Monday, 26 September 2011

Luck Be A Lady

It's a funny thought, now that I sit here and wonder why I used to hate Monday's so much... I mean, sure, they are the start of a new week, the end to an almost-always relaxing and fun-filled weekend and the beginning of a 10 hour working day. But, there is something different about this specific Monday, something I am sure will change my perspective altogether. Luck...

My weekend was beautiful. The perfect balance of family, friends, work and play... My cousin, Alessia, is an actress of note. I needed no convincing, as I have yet to meet a more endearing and adorable little Drama Queen.  But, just as a little taste for the rest of the world, she took the main part of Violet, in her school play, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- She was absolutely incredible and had the entire audience in stitches! After the play, I spent the rest of the evening with my gorgeous Jussi and Megs, making milkshakes and watching movies.

 Saturday was summer again! The sun was shining, not even a breath of wind blowing in the air. So Linds, Tan and I headed to the greenbelt with the boys for a wonderful picnic. Fresh chiabatta, olive tapenade, hummus, biltong, cheese, crisps and strawberries and Bar One chocolate sauce just to make it that much more perfect on Heritage Day. Ending the night off with a wonderful catch up session with my special friend Kim at the Food Lovers Market made my Saturday a spectacular one.
Sunday, the sun looked set to stay and a beautiful family breakfast started it off with lots of smiles and laughing. After breakfast I got to work on writing, which isn't really work for me as I find such fun in writing when I express myself and explore my dreams with every word I write. The cousins decided to infiltrate my house like an army of ants not long after I typed the last word of my article and we ended up in the sun, playing the piano, swimming, tanning and watching a movie. Bliss. The end to the weekend and a perfect one it was.
 So, why didn't I have those Sunday night blues, like I normally do at the end of a beautiful weekend? I honestly can't tell you... All I know, is that when I went to sleep last night, I was filled with happiness and a sense of serenity
Waking up this morning was surprisingly easy and the sun filling my bedroom made my mood a merry one. It was a warm morning and I was ecstatic to be able to put on a flowing summer skirt and the cutest pair of wedges- Proof that a shoe can change a girls life or, in my case, perspective.
Work today was wonderful, I honestly don' t think that I've ever said that before. Long, but full of opportunity and I am going to take every single one of them! I am so excited and had such a beautiful and happy day.

 Summer is coming!!! :) Keep your chin up, think happy thoughts and smile... often....

Gorgeous Images: The Alternative Wife

 If this weekend is anything like the last, I will definitely be basking in the sunlight with some delicious and chilled cocktails, fresh and fruity snacks and a group of the most incredible friends in the world!
I hope you had a luck and happy day too... 

Smiles, Hugs and Plenty of Kisses 

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