Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pon and Zi

What started off as Jeff Thomas's expression of alienation has seen a new and beautiful transformation into a representation of love. The famous and adorable comic's of Pon (yellow) and Zi (blue) were mere 'doodles,' sketches that never sought to be anything more than a side project. Now, they represent some of the cutest and most romantic cartoons ever made.

 One of my Favorites
It is believed that the colours represent two personalities. Pon –yellow colouring, associated with sunshine, warmth and happiness— represents the optimist. Whilst Zi’s—blue colouring, possibly literal— represents the pessimist. 

 Absolutely love this!

  Pon and Zi have no gender as the artist wishes the reader to interpret it according to his/her  own experience

For more adorable cartoons visit the official Pon and Zi Website

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