Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Oh So Charming

Think Elegant, Think Chic, Think Charming, Think Feminine, Think Sweet... Charm Bracelets are back! And I'm just delighted!  Cleaning out my closet is most definitely not one of my favourite chores… but the day arrived and I got to work. What started out as a tedious exercise soon turned into a little treasure hunt and treasures did I find… Packed away safely at the back of my jewellery draw in its pretty, forgotten box, sat the charm bracelet I’d received as a little girl from my Dad… As I studied each delicate and exquisite charm, I realised how precious and priceless this little treasure was. Each charm told the story of my life… Ballet Shoes, Snoopy, a gorgeous Horse, Wishing Well and two little hearts—one for me and one for my Dad— They were all my favourite things growing up. I wear it everyday now and it is my favorite accessory. They are simply stunning in every way and the perfect touch of simple eleagance for any outfit...

They have have even made their mark in Haute Couture, with designers such as CHANEL, Louis Vuitton and Juicy Couture...

The essence of class and elegance and my favorite designer


 Juicy Couture captures the perfect balance between chic and class with their mix of fun and elegant....

 Love this!!!
 A Playful Edge

 Gorgeous for a little girl

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