Monday, 29 August 2011

A Hot Cup of Tea and a Warm Pair of Socks

Good morning to all my beautiful friends... What a stunning weekend! The weather was so warm and the days just glorious! I spent the weekend catching up with some very special friends and by the end of it, I was dreading the start of a new week. However, when I woke up this morning and the sun was shining and the weather predicted to be around 25 degrees, I decided that maybe Mondays aren't so bad afterall!  I threw on a pretty top and the cute summer sandals that have been staring at me for the last two months and took a light jersey due to the fresh morning air... I dont know if its just the office but the sunshine was definitely a little bit deceiving and I think I might have taken out my cute sandals a few days early...

Winter sure is making the most of its last few days, with only three days left till spring! It has been so chilly sitting here at my desk. All I want is a hot cup of tea and a warm pair of socks... 

We ♥ It
Do you remember when you were a little girl and your mom used to dress you up in those gorgeous little socks with the frills? Well, I had been looking everywhere for a pair and they finally seem to be making their way into haute couture... I happened to find the cutest shop, while walking around Knightsbridge, on my trip to London not so long ago. It is called Tabio. The shop itself is tiny, and only caters for socks, stockings and tights...but it is filled to the brim with every imaginable type of sock you could wish to find (Socks to wear with sandals, secret socks, thick socks, thin socks, ankle socks you name it, they have it) It was here that I found my beautiful frilly lace socks, and lots of accessories such as bows and frills to add to any socks you all ready have.

Anyone who says money can’t buy happiness is shopping in the wrong place. Three words…Same meaning: Ruffle Ankle Socks, I Love You! It’s out with the new and in with the old. These simple items have become the Ferrero Rocher in the fashion world and the Turkish Delight of our lives. What was once just baby-doll- dress-up talk has become the latest trend. Pair them with an elegant pair of stilettos or a cute pair of pumps with a girly dress, skirt or shorts for a vintage look that leaves you feeling absolutely ladylike! These frilly fashion fabs are the easiest way to tastefully craft a fun feel to the most ordinary outfit, giving you a fresh, flirty and fabulous feel. 

From Spring into Summer and Autumn into Winter they are every season’s must have. From plain and simple white and black to pastels, brights, chiffon or lace. The moment has arrived to experiment with stripes, hearts or stars and the diversity is infinite. Doll-up the prettiest princess or add a feminine touch to the queen of rock. Imagination can take you anywhere as you allow your personality to express the originality of your style. The time has come… let the socks rock.

Have a happy day

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